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Sandra Blomgren

Sandra is the manager of the Risk Control and Return Analysis group that consist of seven people. On starting her position at AP3, Sandra not only brought an interest in management and an analytical mind to the company. She also held a master’s degree in mathematics as well as experience from positions as analytic and statistician in the insurance business under her belt.

What do you do at AP3?

– My job is to lead and develop the work performed in our group for Risk Control and Return Analysis. We measure, analyze and report the risk and return of the fund as well as follow up on the fund limits. Our group is also responsible for the valuation of all the assets of the fund.

What is it like working at AP3?

– I really appreciate the generous and familiar atmosphere in the office. My colleagues are competent and committed and there is a lot of accumulated experience in the company.

What is the most stimulating part of your work?

– We are encouraged to challenge ourselves and continuously learn new things. Also, the group I am managing is currently in a rather intense development phase with focus on internal and external tools. The fund portfolio contains all asset groups, which makes the reporting challenging – and perhaps unique in the industry – and at the same time our group gets valuable insights in all the parts of the fund’s asset management.

What characterizes you in your role as a manager?

– I want everyone working in my group to have the best possible conditions for their work. I want them to identify what motivates them and what they are good at. I believe that in a group where everyone is in the right place the group result will be superior to the sum of its parts.

27 November, 2017