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Interior details from AP3 office

Although the AP Funds (AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4) have the same mission, they employ different investment strategies in the interest of spreading risk and protecting pensions for current and future pensioners. Today’s pension system is built to last for a very long time – for those of you who are now pensioners, and for the next generation. 

A strong pension system – for you and the next generation

Building a strong pension system together

Those of you working and declaring income in Sweden are also investing in your future pension.

A strong pension system
Our mission

Meeting our target since inception in 2001

Through responsible investment and management of the buffer capital, we help protect Swedish public pensions for current and future pensioners.

Our mission
Governance of AP3

Making a difference through asset management

AP3 is a knowledge-intensive organisation. The combined expertise and experience of the employees is critical to the Fund’s performance.

Governance of AP3