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The AP3 board of directors has nine members, all appointed by the government. Two directors are appointed from nominees of employee organisations and a further two from nominees of employer organisations.

The government appoints the Chairman and Deputy Chairman from its own nominees. The government’s Policy for Governance and Evaluation of the AP Funds stipulates that no director may hold board membership for more than eight years.

The Chairman of the Third AP Fund is Christina Lindenius. Read more about the board’s work in AP3’s annual report.

All photos taken by Peter Phillips except Annelie Söderberg (photographer Juliana Wiklund) and Peter Wågström(photographer Håkan Lindgren).

Christina Lindenius, Chairman of the board

Elected to the AP3 Board in 2017

CEO of Swedish insurance industry and employers’ association FAO, and head of Svensk Försäkring i Samverkan (SFIS). Chairman of Min Pension i Sverige, Swedish Motor Insurers (TFF), Svensk Försäkring Administration and National Government Service Centre. Board member at Försäkringsbranschens Pensionskassa (FPK), Centrum för AMP and Swedish International Olympic Committee Supervisory Board.

Previously Director-General of Premium Pension Authority, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Finance and Head of Department at Swedish Central Bank.

BSc Uppsala University, studies at Masters of International Economics Programme, SAIS, John Hopkins University, Washington DC. Year of birth 1964.

Johan Bygge, Deputy Chairman of the board

Elected to the AP3 board in 2019

Chairman of Nobina AB, director of Getinge, Lantmännen Ek Förening, Baltic Deep Water Life, supervisory board member at Centre for Business and Policy Studies (SNS).

Deputy Group Controller at Ericsson. Senior positions at Elextrolux incuding
CFO and Deputy Managing Director, CFO of Investor, COO of EQT. Director of AP1, Swedish Central Bank’s Jubilee Fund, I-Med Australia, 3 Scandinavia, Anticimex, ILA Vietnam, Swiss AG and Sanitec OY.

BSc. Year of birth 1956.

Malin Björkmo

Elected to the AP3 board in 2016

Adviser in corporate governance and financial regulatory affairs. Director at Handelsbanken Fonder, Trygg-Stiftelsen and Itello. Deputy chairman of Nuclear Waste Fund and Insuresec Disciplinary Board.

Previously Area Director of Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Head of State Ownership Department at Government Offices, CEO of Storebrand Liv Sweden, Head of Asset Management at Skandia Liv.

MSc, Stockholm School of Economics. Year of birth 1962.

Magnus Emfel

Elected to the AP3 board in 2019

Finance Engagement Manager, WWF International.

Previously positions at Social Venture Network Sweden, Swedish Forum for Sustainable Investment, SWESIF and Etikakademin.

BSc Stockholm University and IHM Business School. Year of birth 1965.

Ylva Hedén Westerdahl

Elected to the AP3 board in 2019

Director of Forecasting and Acting Director-General of National Institute of Economic Research. Director of Swedish National Debt Office.

Previously Director of National Accounts at Statistics Sweden, Director of Macroeconomic Affairs Unit of Ministry of Finance, Director of Monetary Policy Research Unit at Swedish Central Bank.

PhD University of London. Year of birth 1965.

Torbjörn Hållö

Elected to the AP3 board in 2018

Economist at Swedish Trade Union Confederation.

Previously positions in Budget Group of Social Democratic Party in Parliament, Stockholm City Hall and Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.

BSc, Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. BA Lund University. Year of birth 1976.

Annelie Söderberg

Elected to the AP3 board in 2021

Head of Negotiation, Vårdförbundet (the Swedish Association of Health Professionals)

Previously positions as Deputy Chairman PP Pension, Board member in Monyx, CEO Bankanställdas Pensionstjänst and CEO Svenska Lärarfonder AB.

Separate courses in Business administration, Marketing and Labour law, Year of Birth 1959.

Carina Wutzler

Elected to the AP3 board in 2020

Mayor, Commissioner and City Councillor of Vellinge Municipality. Director of Vellinge Koncern AB and Vellinge Kommunlokal AB, board member of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions’ Negotiation Board and Sobona.

University studies in public and municipal administration. Year of birth 1970.

Peter Wågström

Elected to the AP3 board in 2021

Chairman of Arlandastad Group, board member at Amasten Fastighets AB, Eastnine and NIAM.

Previously positions as President and CEO of NCC Group and various management positions within construction and real estate sectors.

MSc. Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Year of Birth 1964.