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AP3 reorganises and appoints new Executive Vice President

AP3 is an asset manager that bases its investment approach on classifying portfolio assets according to risk using dynamic asset allocation.
On 1 October 2010 the Fund will adopt a new organisational structure aimed at further enhancing clarity in responsibilities and improving management of total risk. As part of these changes, the Fund is merging its strategic allocation, alternative investments, and alpha and beta management operations into an asset management department to be led by Gustaf Hagerud.

The AP3 Board of Directors has also appointed Gustaf as new Executive Vice President.

AP3 Chief Executive Officer Kerstin Hessius said: “Gustaf Hagerud has played a key role in implementing the separation of alpha and beta management and in developing our dynamic asset allocation model. By gathering all asset management into one unit under Gustaf we will increase our focus on total portfolio risk while increasing the scope for effective management.”

Gustaf Hagerud joined AP3 in 2008 as Head of Alpha and Beta Management.