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The governance view of sustainability

Third Swedish National Pension Fund (AP3) is an investor tasked with contributing to the stability of the Swedish  income pension system on behalf of current and future pensioners. AP3 has strong reasons for promoting a sustainable development because it is a prerequisite for achieving high investment returns over time. For AP3, sustainability means operating within the terms of our mission to create value through our investments and for society as a whole. The Fund focuses on areas where we as an investor can achieve most impact.

Influencing the societal development in a sustainable direction

Through their credibility as investors, the AP funds can make a difference and influence societal development in a sustainable direction. AP3’s status as a government body, its Swedish domicile and its investment approach together make AP3 a valued partner and asset owner, facilitating access to attractive long-term investments worldwide. AP3 is an engaged, responsible owner that manages assets with the fundamental view that investments in well run companies deliver higher returns at a lower level of risk over time.

AP3’s sustainability work

The higher the ownership, the greater the responsibility as a shareholder

AP3’s engagement varies according to ownership. In companies in which AP3 owns all or the majority of shares, for example the unlisted property companies Vasakronan, Hemsö, Trophi, Regio and Trenum, direct influence is through board membership.

The listed equity portfolio contains around 1,600 companies and ownership varies from small stakes in large foreign companies to significant stakes in smaller Swedish companies.

In foreign companies, engagement usually involves collaboration in the Council on Ethics of the Swedish AP funds and with other institutional investors.

In Swedish companies, more active ownership is exerted, partly through dialogue with company boards, executive management and other shareholders, and partly through voting at general meetings and participation in nomination committees.