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Private Equity

Sustainable companies through active ownership

Private Equity is the name for investments in the share capital of companies that are not listed on a stock market. AP3 invests in private equity through investments in specialised private equity funds that help create sustainable companies through active ownership, whereby both expertise and capital are invested in the companies.


Why Private Equity?

AP3’s primary reason for investing in private equity funds is to generate a higher return compared to listed equities. Since valuation creation processes differ between private equity and listed companies, these investments are also a way to diversify the portfolio. AP3 focuses on funds and managers which have demonstrated strong returns over an extended period of time and with which our relationships are well established. AP3’s strategy is primarily focused on buy-out funds and the mid-market.

As of 12/31/2022

Private equity 7.4 percent of the portfolio
Return +0.8%
Contribution +0.0%
colleagues at the department for alternative investments at AP3

Extensive experience in venture capital investments

AP3 owns a mature and diverse portfolio of private equity funds. AP3 has been investing in private equity funds since 2001, since when the private equity industry has grown substantially. A standard investment time frame used to be 10 years, but today funds with longer durations of, for example, 15 years are not uncommon. AP3 utilises these longer fund lives to pursue active ownership.