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GRI reporting

AP3 has a long tradition of taking close account of environmental, social and governance aspects in its operations. The Fund manages sustainability internally through investment analysis, governance and by focusing on environmental and ethical issues through participation in the Council on Ethics of the Swedish AP Funds. Different sections of the organisation hold responsibility for sustainability. The asset management department has responsibility for sustainability in investment activities and a sustainability committee leads the Fund’s work in terms of sustainability.

About the report

AP3’s sustainability report has been prepared insofar as is possible to comply with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, option Core, and the Financial Services Supplement (FS). The report applies the 2016 GRI standards. The report covers AP3’s operating activities to the same degree as in the financial statements and with no limitations. Significant reporting areas and indicators were selected on the basis of both the requirements and expectations of AP3’s stakeholders and the Fund’s own priorities, thus establishing a common view with regard to materiality. Some of the GRI disclosures are incomplete according to the standards. AP3 intends to develop further its disclosures, data and procedures in relation to sustainability reporting. The GRI disclosures have not been reviewed by a third party.

GRI reporting 2021 (pdf)