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Sustainability policy

AP3’s sustainability policy sets clear priorities


The sustainability policy states, among other things, that AP3’s portfolio must deliver net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in line with climate scenarios for 1.5°C global warming. The policy is based on the mission for the Swedish state income pension system and its aim is to describe how the fund must manage its assets in an exemplary way through responsible investments and practices. The fund must focus especially on how to promote a sustainable development without compromising on returns. Through the positions adopted by the Board, the policy will govern the sustainability work of the management organisation and serve as a guide for external stakeholders, in both cases providing clarity on the purpose of AP3’s sustainability work.

AP3’s sustainability work will:

  • Be based on AP3’s basic assumptions and the AP funds’ shared values
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of society in the context of the mission to create value for the state income pension system
  • Analyse sustainability-related risks and opportunities
  • Be implemented in line with UNPRI’s principles for responsible investments. Read more at
  • Drive change through shareholder engagement with the aim of companies pursuing valuecreating transition and sustainability work
  • Focus on areas in which the fund is judged to be able to make the biggest difference
  • Be carried out with an understanding that sustainability is a broad area subject to constant development and change.

AP3 sustainability policy

Sustainability policy

a view of one of the AP3 forest investments in the US via the Three Tree Holding company

Allocation of responsibilities and reporting

The sustainability policy is established annually by the Fund’s board and revised if necessary. The Fund’s CEO has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the policy is complied with and implemented in the operational activities. The board must be continuously informed about how sustainability work is conducted and developed.