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Stakeholder engagement with materiality analysis

AP3 meets stakeholder demand for greater transparency

AP3 carries out dialogues with selected stakeholders every few years. Stakeholder engagement is important in helping guide the funds’ sustainability efforts. This is done to examine how stakeholders regard the AP funds’ mission and activities relating to sustainability and return on investments. Regular dialogue with stakeholders is important in driving changes that create value, and the AP funds are endeavouring to follow up and deepen their engagement with selected stakeholders.

Joint work on stakeholder engagement

Joint work on stakeholder engagement was carried out by AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4 and the AP funds’ Council on Ethics in autumn 2020. The stakeholder engagement, in the form of a questionnaire, was sent to more than 200 people in the AP funds’ eight main stakeholder groups, i.e. clients (the Pensions Group, finance and social insurance committees and the Financial Markets Department), portfolio companies, suppliers, industry peers, beneficiaries, social actors, interest groups and employees.

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Key focal areas in sustainability

Stakeholders were also asked to rank 12 selected sustainability areas based on how important they felt each area was for the AP funds to consider in their asset management and advocacy work with companies. Five areas were considered equally important to all stakeholders: business ethics, anticorruption, long-term returns, human rights and climate impact.