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Claudia Stanghellini

Claudia joined AP3 in 2002 as a quantitative analyst focusing on the Fund’s mission within the pension system. From 2004 to 2008 she worked in the global equity management team and in 2009 joined external management, becoming head of department in 2013. Claudia has worked previously in Boston, USA, and holds a BSc in Statistics and Finance from Università di Siena and an MSc in Actuarial Science from City University, London.

Tell us about your work?

“A lot of it is about international contacts with the portfolio managers to whom AP3 has given asset management mandates. I’m in charge of everything from traditional long-term strategies to hedge funds and risk premium strategies. External management has an extensive mandate covering a large universe of external strategies. AP3’s excellent reputation means we have contacts with the leading international pension funds and the most talented portfolio managers in the world.”

How is AP3 like as a place to work?

“AP3 is a dynamic workplace with highly competent staff. There’s a future-oriented approach and the day-to-day work is interesting. Working in an open-plan office creates a supportive culture, with constant communication and lively discussions between the different teams. That helps people to broaden their knowledge and to discuss issues and decisions with their colleagues.”

What’s do you like the most about your work at AP3?

“At external management we have a broad mandate, which is challenging because our investments cover a wide spectrum of areas. I really like that and find it very stimulating.”

1 January, 2019