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AP3 is a knowledge-intensive organisation for which the combined expertise and experience of our employees is performance-critical. It is therefore vital that we are an attractive employer with the ability to attract the right people. Continuous training for employees is central when it comes to reaching our ambitious targets. AP3 offers a stimulating and professional work environment that sets high standards and prioritizes personal responsibility and employee versatility.

We are proactive in seeking to provide a pleasant and challenging environment in which our employees can constantly develop and grow. Diversity and specialist expertise have a high priority in a recruitment context.

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Skills development a priority

AP3 works proactively to ensure that our people have the skills we need. Annual performance appraisals for all staff identify areas for development for the coming year and set targets for employee and employer alike. Employees take part in internal skills briefings, listen to presentations by external guest speakers at the AP3 Academy and attend training courses, seminars and conferences to ensure we are always building and expanding our knowledge base. We also offer new challenges internally within the organisation.

Diversity and equality

Diversity and equality are critical to AP3’s ability to reach our short- and long-term goals. As an employer, we are proactive in these areas. Some 63% (67) of AP3 employees are male and 37% (33) are female. During the first six months of 2016 we had an asylumseeker as an intern, an initiative we took at a time when public sector employers were being asked to play a part in welcoming and integrating refugees from Syria.

AP3 strives constantly to help male and female employees to combine work and family commitments by offering flexible working hours and other mechanisms aimed at establishing a good work-life balance.

Employee survey

Since 2005, AP3 has carried out employee surveys at regular intervals. These have been and remain an important development tool. The most recent survey was in 2016 and we entrusted it to a new external consultant in order to measure staff attitudes in a new way. The overall result was excellent. The survey found that our employees are proud of the job they do and of AP3’s role. They see their work as meaningful and stimulating and regard their colleagues as mutually supportive. The feedback was that AP3 is an employer that promotes and respects diversity and fosters an environment where people look after each other. Various areas were identified for improvement and activities are planned in the hope of achieving even better results in the next survey.

Health and safety

AP3 employees are accustomed to intensive days and it is important that the Fund as an employer focuses on the long-term health of all staff members. We offer all employees regular health checks and an exercise subsidy, and we aim to offer a good work environment in which all employees feel content and secure. Management works to create a positive business culture in which any shortcomings are identified and addressed at an early stage. We have clear guidelines to deal with discrimination, harassment, bullying or abusive behaviour.

Core values and ethical principles

Managing the pension assets of the Swedish people is an important public role in which trust is vital. Strong ethical principles and solid values are necessary throughout the Fund, based on our employees upholding high standards of personal and professional integrity. AP3 has an internal code of conduct that sets out ethical standards for all employees. Alongside the code of conduct are the core values of AP3 and the Swedish government, which serve as important pillars both inside and outside the Fund.We have a reporting system for cases of ethical non-compliance. All employees are encouraged to contact the Compliance Officer if they suspect any wrongdoing or infringements of our guidelines. Matters can be notified anonymously. The Compliance Officer is tasked with investigating all cases and reporting directly to the board of directors and CEO.