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Sun shines into a forest
Sustainability – based on core values and international conventions

AP3’s commitment to sustainability is based on the core values of the Swedish government. These values, set out in the Instrument of Government, are based on democracy, the equal worth of all individuals, the right to human freedom and dignity, and sustainable development.

According to the law governing the AP Funds, environmental and ethical considerations shall be integrated into investing activities without compromising the overall objective of high returns at low risk. AP3’s ethics are based on the international conventions and agreements to which Sweden is a signatory.

The Swedish government’s core values are reflected in the international conventions to which Sweden is a signatory, including conventions on the environment, human rights, labour law, corruption and inhumane weapons. These values are also expressed through Sweden’s support of initiatives such as the UN’s Global Compact and the OECD’s guidelines for multinational enterprises, and through Sweden’s stance on international law issues.

Commitment to sustainability – a continuous process

AP3 became signatory to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) back in 2006. Implementation of the principles is a continuously ongoing process to ensure that AP3 takes sustainability into account, as both asset manager and asset owner. The key words are integration, dialogue, co-operation and reporting – and the Fund has come a long way in many areas. For example, AP3 has always been an active, committed owner of the companies the Fund invests in, while integrating sustainability with investment analyses and investment strategies is a process under constant development.

A sustainable strategy

Responsible investment

As a long-term investor and manager of Swedish pension system assets, AP3 has a duty to protect the value of the state pension on behalf of current and future pensioners.

A sustainable strategy
Proactive governance

Engagement generates added value

Well managed companies offer investors superior returns and lower risk over time. AP3 sets out to make a difference through engagement, action and pressure for change.

Active corporate stewardship