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As a long-term investor and manager of Swedish pension system assets, AP3 has a duty to protect the value of the state pension on behalf of current and future pensioners through responsible investment management.

AP3 therefore invests and manages assets with a focus on long-term value creation, and endeavours to have effective internal control. The Fund has been working with sustainability issues since 2004 through investment strategies and participation in environmental, climate and corporate stewardship collaborations and initiatives.

Tough sustainability targets and shared view on CO2 measurement

In December 2015, the Fund announced a number of ambitious sustainability targets that involve halving our carbon footprint and increasing the proportion of green bonds and other strategic sustainability investments in our portfolio. AP3 also continued to invest in green bonds and use our direct real estate holdings to help create a greener property market. Read more about our efforts to reach the sustainability targets.

In November 2015, the AP Funds issued a joint statement announcing their agreement on a standard for measuring and reporting the carbon footprint of their investment portfolios.

Building expertise internally

During 2015 we took a further step in integrating sustainability in the investment process. The Fund invited specialists to give presentations on various sustainability-related issued. Most employees, including executive management, have completed a sustainability training programme that raised awareness of sustainability and its potential impact on the investment management process.