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AP3 has a longstanding commitment to exercising environmental and social governance in our investing activities because responsible investment forms an integral part of our mandate. We do so by incorporating ESG in our investment analysis, corporate stewardship and engagement in the AP funds’ Council on Ethics. We report annually on our performance in this area in the AP3 stewardship report and the Ethical Council annual report.

For the 2017 financial year, we have again decided to include our disclosures of economic, environmental and social impacts in the annual accounts. Our sustainability reporting for 2017 is based on GRI Standards, Core option, and Financial Services Sector Disclosures.

The report covers AP3’s operating activities to the same degree as in the financial statements and with no limitations. Reporting indicators were selected on the basis of both the requirements and expectations of AP3’s stakeholders and the Fund’s own priorities, thus establishing a common view with regards to materiality. Some of the reported GRI indicators are incomplete. Going forward, we intend to develop further our disclosures, data and procedures in relation to sustainability reporting. This GRI report has not been reviewed by a third party.

The GRI content index shows where disclosures in accordance with GRI are found in AP3’s Annual Report for 2017 (AR) and on the AP3 website.

GRI Index