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AP3 continues to develop and drive its sustainability agenda forward at both internal and external level. Our long-term strategy includes working to clear and concrete sustainability goals against which we constantly measure our performance. Building on our existing ambitions in the climate area, we have adopted three new goals for the 2019-2025 period.


  1. AP3’s long-term portfolio will continue to contribute actively to reducing the risk of global warming.
  • AP3 will continue to measure and report its carbon footprint.
  • AP3 will use scenario analysis to evaluate climate-related risks and opportunities in the Fund’s investment portfolio.
  • AP3 will again halve its carbon footprint, primarily by persuading investee companies to reduce their climate impacts.
  1. AP3 will double its strategic sustainable investments by 2025.
  • Investments in green bonds will be doubled to SEK 30 billion.
  • Other strategic sustainable investments will also be doubled to SEK 25 billion.
  1. AP3’s expects its directly owned unlisted investee companies to be sector leaders in sustainability.
  • AP3 has an ongoing commitment to ensure that its directly owned unlisted investee companies lead their sector in sustainability. Achieving this goal will involve an increased focus on sustainable production and construction.


2018 sustainability goals reached

In 2015 AP3 raised its ambitions in sustainability by adopting concrete climate goals. The goals have helped to spur our internal sustainability activities in areas such as strategic sustainable investment and green bonds, and to build stakeholder trust in our efforts.

The four goals that were completed by the end of 2018:

  1. Halved carbon footprint
  2. Doubled strategic sustainable investments
  3. Tripled holdings of green bonds
  4. Promoted green real estate