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Invitation to tender: Performance measurement system

AP3 plans to introduce an IT solution for performance measurement and attribution, possibly also a firm wide risk management solution, and invites interested suppliers to submit applications to tender.

The tender notice and appendix can be downloaded below.

Questions regarding this tender may be directed to:

Erik Valtonen tel. +46 8 555 171 36

Clarification added on May 22, 2002:

For interested parties in AP3’s tender 71987-2002:

We have received several inquiries regarding the timetable and nature of the tender procedure, and want therefore to clarify a few points. The tender (that follows a negotiated procedure-services, EEC directive 92/50) will be conducted in two phases.

Phase 1
In phase 1 (closing on June 11, 2002) we invite interested parties to submit applications to tender. No RFPs or other extensive documentation is needed at this stage, only a brief application addressing the formal requirements in the invitation.

Phase 2
All qualified applicants will be given the possibility to tender in phase 2 of the procedure. These applicants will receive a detailed questionnaire that we expect to send out around June 20, 2002. The deadline for phase 2 applications will be August 20, 2002. The exact timetable thereafter is still open and will depend, among other things, on the number of applications that we receive.

Download tender notice  here >>