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AP3s mission

The mission shapes AP3’s approach to sustainability

AP3’s sustainability work is the basis for long-term value creation and should create value for the state income pension system and contribute to a sustainable development within the framework of its mission.

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The mission in short

  • AP1, AP2, AP3 and AP4 share the same parliamentary mission: to generate high returns for the state income pension system at a low level of risk.

  • The funds are required to manage their assets in an exemplary way through responsible investments and practices.

  • The asset management must focus especially on how to promote sustainable development without compromising on the goal of high returns.

  • The AP funds are not permitted to have industrial and trade policy objectives.

  • The AP funds’ shared values form part of the sustainability policy.

Governance and implementation of AP3’s approach to sustainability

Sustainability work is integrated across all the fund’s management units, with the listed equities, fixed income and alternative investment departments responsible for complying with the policy and contributing to the analysis of sustainability-related risks and opportunities. The units are represented on the SCGC and internal portfolio managers are part of the AGH.

The Board adopts AP3’s sustainability policy as part of the fund’s operating plan. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the policy is complied with and implemented. AP3’s Sustainability and Corporate Governance Committee (SCGC) decides on key sustainability issues. The Sustainability Advisory Group (AGH) coordinates the preparatory analysis work and ensures it is done.

AP3’s positions address key issues and areas for AP3 to focus on. Fund-level positions are adopted by the Board and are intended to guide AP3 at an overall level and to address environmental, social and corporate stewardship issues. They must also contribute to achieving the UN sustainable development goals under Agenda 2030.

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Lampor som hänger i taket på AP3

Samarbeten och överenskommelser

As a Swedish government body, AP3 is guided by the international conventions and guidelines ratified and supported by the Swedish Parliament. Examples include the UNFCCC with the Paris Agreement, the Convention on Biological Diversity and Agenda 2030.
Samarbeten och överenskommelser
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Fokusområden och mål

To ensure that sustainability efforts are focused on the areas deemed to have the greatest impact on investments, AP3 works with focus areas. Based on the Board’s positions, AP3 is currently working with the following four focus areas: Corporate governance, Climate, Human rights and Biodiversity.
Fokusområden och mål
Medarbetare på AP3 som som stänger en dörr

Intern miljöpåverkan

Respect for the environment is at the centre of the AP3 investment approach. The Fund’s direct environmental impact is relatively small, consisting primarily of business travel, use of energy for office heating and cooling, and waste.
Intern miljöpåverkan