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The basis for long-term value creation

AP3’s sustainability work is based on the Swedish state’s values, where democracy, the equal value of all people, the freedom, dignity and sustainable development of the individual are central parts.

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Sustainability at AP3

Though a global investor, AP3 is based in Sweden and has a natural focus on domestic investments. These holdings have performed well over time by international standards and have also enabled the Fund to share a Swedish perspective with global investors. Swedish expertise is an increasing asset in a world where sustainability is steadily gaining prominence.

The long-term nature of AP3s mission enables the Fund to invest in unlisted companies where value creation takes place over long periods of time. Returns can be high compared to many market-listed investments because these types of investment are not available to all types of investors and come with a liquidity premium.

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Focus areas and targets

To ensure that sustainability efforts are focused on the areas deemed to have the greatest impact on investments, AP3 works with focus areas. Based on the Board’s positions, AP3 is currently working with the following four focus areas: Corporate governance, Climate, Human rights and Biodiversity.
Focus areas and targets
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AP3’s environmental impact

Respect for the environment is at the centre of the AP3 investment approach. The Fund’s direct environmental impact is relatively small, consisting primarily of business travel, use of energy for office heating and cooling, and waste.
AP3’s environmental impact
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Collaborations and agreements

As a Swedish government body, AP3 is guided by the international conventions and guidelines ratified and supported by the Swedish Parliament. Examples include the UNFCCC with the Paris Agreement, the Convention on Biological Diversity and Agenda 2030.
Collaborations and agreements