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Procurement of Legal Services outside of Sweden

The Third Swedish National Pension Fund (Swedish: Tredje AP-fonden, hereafter referred to as “AP3”) intends to procure legal services in certain geographic areas outside of Sweden.

Tenders can be submitted for one or more of the following geographic area/s: Nordics, Europe, North America and Oceania.

AP3 expects to enter into a maximum of three (3) framework agreements per jurisdiction. The term of the framework agreements will be three (3) years from the signing of the agreement, with the possibility of up to one (1) year extension with unaltered terms and conditions.

AP3 estimates the combined turnover of the framework agreements at approximately 18,000 hours. The maximum volume of services for the entire contract period amounts to 36,000 hours. AP3 does not guarantee any volumes.

The reference number is 2022/12. The tender must be submitted via TendSign no later than 13 March 2023 at 11:59 PM (CET +1).

The contact person for this request for tenders is: Anna Wågberg, B3 Upphandling AB.  E-mail:

Link to procurement


Procurement of Portfolio Management System solutions (Front-to-Back)

The Third and The Fourth Swedish National Pension funds are procuring a broad portfolio management system solution possibly capable of providing system support covering multiple business areas Front-to-Back. The objective for the procurement is to procure an integrated overall solution which meets the business system needs and enables efficient IT management for the business-related systems.

Diary number 22/4. Please respond no later than 18 March 2022.

Link to procurement


Procurement of solutions for Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Service

The Third Swedish National Pension Fund is initiating a procurement of solutions for Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Service.

Applications must be submitted via TendSign no later than 24 August 2021 at 11:59 PM.

Link to procurement


Procurement of new solution for Performance Measurement and Performance Attribution / Concluded

AP3 has conducted a public procurement for Performance Measurement systems and Performance Attribution. 

Based on result of the evaluation, AP3 will enter into agreement with Ortec Finance B.V.

Award Decision


Procurement of Global Voting Service / Concluded

The First to Fourth AP Funds (the Funds) have carried out a procurement of a Global Voting Service.

After extensive evaluation of different suppliers and their systems, the Funds have decided to award Institutional Shareholder Services Inc (ISS) and Nordic Investor Services (NIS) the contract.

Full award notice


Procurement of cloud-based service for payroll administration / Concluded

The Third AP Fund to procure cloud-based service for payroll administration. Procurement facilitated by Sentensia – closing date 13 May 2016.


Procurement of office cleaning service / Concluded

The Third AP Fund to procure customised office cleaning service for its Stockholm office. Procurement facilitated by Sentensia – closing date 26 April 2016.


Procurement of qualified legal services / Concluded

The Third AP Fund to procure qualified legal services pursuant to conditions specified in inquiry material (incl. appendices). Closing date 10 September 2015.

16 January, 2023