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Five-year summary2021-062020 201920182017
Income and inflows,
SEK bn
Net flows to/from pension system-4.2-7.9-6.5-6.8-7.4
Profit for the period48.
Fund capital at end of period 1)466.9423.0393.7340.7345.2
Return and expenses total portfolio,
Return before expenses11.59.817.70.78.9
Operating expenses0.
Commission expenses0.
Return after expenses11.49.717.60.68.8
Real return after expenses10.89.115.6-1.46.9
SEK bn
Operating expenses0.
Return after expenses48.
Annual return after expenses
Five years11.
Ten years9.
Risk (1-yr standard deviation), % 2)
Sharpe ratio 2)
Risk (10-yr standard deviation), %
Currency exposure
% of total portfolio 3)21.917.519.517.715.0
External management
% of total portfolio2929312625
Asset management expenses
% of assets under management
Operating expenses0.
Operating and commission expenses0.
No. of employees5957585957
1) Fund capital on 1 January 2001 was SEK 134.0 billion.
2) As of 2010, figures relate to the total portfolio. Prior to 2010, risk was shown for the listed portfolio only.
3) Excluding exposure to SEK-listed companies with a foreign domicile.