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AP3 has a core mission within the Swedish pension system. The assets the Fund manages are for the use of current and future pensioners.

The investment strategy is built on procedures and structures that must be sustainable over time to generate returns at a reasonable level of risk. The Fund’s unique approach to its long-term target of a 3.5% annual real return is by setting sustainable, flexible and responsible strategies.

Investment strategy and objectives

Our objective

Our investment strategy entails composing a portfolio of diverse assets which, at a reasonable level of risk, are capable of helping us achieve our objective of protecting the value of the Swedish public pension system.

The Funds most important mission
Our portfolio

Investment strategy with a focus on diversification

By investing in both listed and unlisted assets locally and globally, AP3 has crafted a diversified portfolio that is more robust in periods of financial uncertainty. Our successful asset management has resulted in high capital growth, which helps ensure stable pension payments.

Our portfolio
Investment rules

Governed by the Act

The investment rules establish the framework for the mission of the AP Funds and is governed by the National Pension Insurance Funds Act (the AP Funds’ Act) (2000:192), with expressed investment rules as established by the Swedish Parliament.

Investment rules
Internal control

Responsibilities and roles

Our responsibility includes ensuring effective internal control through a governance framework that defines its fund management systems, risk management and internal control structure.

Effective internal control part of our responsibility