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AP3’s environmental impact

Respect for the environment is at the centre of the AP3 investment approach. The Fund’s direct environmental impact is relatively small, consisting primarily of business travel, use of energy for office heating and cooling, and waste. Since 2014 the Fund has decreased its direct environmental impact in several ways, of which can be mentioned a decreased energy use of 16 %, decreased CO2 emission from business trips of 21 % as well as decreased paper use of 27 %.


Business travel

For business trips within Sweden, AP3 staff try where possible to use the train rather than travel by air. However, most business travel is to foreign destinations and involves flying. We routinely and more often use phone and video conferencing as an alternative to business travel. Our head office location in central Stockholm is conducive to efficient travel by public transport or bicycle rather than by car. AP3 has no company cars.

Energy-efficient office

Our office premises have LEED Platinum certification. LEED is one of the world’s leading environmental rating systems for buildings. Certification covers aspects such as energy use, indoor climate and use of recycled and locally produced materials. AP3 recycles paper and electronic waste and sorts carton, metal, plastic, batteries, light bulbs and kitchen waste.

AP3´s environmental impact

Environmental data
Organisation´s energy use20222021202020192018
Energy use, total kwh69,02784,02894,140134,904136,149
- electricity, kwh41,13941,69250,46090,14089,109
- heating, kwh27,88842,33639,20039,20040,320
- cooling, kwh**4,4805,6006,720
Direct greenhouse gas emissions
Business travel, CO2 tonnes123.637.947,9118.868.4
Courier journeys, no.7934137145133
- cycle courier journeys in Stockholm, no.1513689685
- car hybrid journeys in Stockholm, no.4910404948
- courier journeys outside of Stockholm0221
- domestic and foreign couriers by air1492749
Total weight of waste
Paper use, kg178469.4475.6865.5687.5
Ecolabel paper as
percentage of total
paper use, %
Recycled paper waste, kg8446987401,5551,510
Recycled electronic waste, kg53000264133

* Cooling is included in electricity.