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Focus areas

To ensure that sustainability efforts are focused on the areas deemed to have the greatest impact on investments, AP3 works with focus areas. Based on the Board’s positions, AP3 is currently working  with the following four focus areas: Corporate governance, Climate, Human rights and Biodiversity.

AP3’s four sustainability focus areas have been targeted

The Board’s positions on environmental and climate issues, social issues and corporate governance form the basis of the Fund’s four focus areas. These focus on areas deemed to have the greatest material
impact on investments and on areas in which AP3 has the best opportunity to contribute to positive social development.

Corporate governance

  • Through active ownership management, AP3 must work to ensure that the companies the fund invests in are well managed and have good governance.


  • AP3 must contribute to counteracting climate change and limit its effects in accordance with the Paris Agreement.
  • AP3’s portfolio must provide net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at the latest in accordance with climate scenarios for
    1.5°C global warming.

Human Rights

  • AP3 must work to ensure that human rights linked to the companies’ operations are respected


  • AP3 must consider how investments affect material portfolio and societal risks linked to biodiversity and ecosystems. AP3 must contribute to both conservation and positive development of biological diversity by 2030 at the latest.