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Executive Management

AP3’s management team consists of the CEO, Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Chief Risk Officer (CRO) who is the head of business support and control, the HR manager and the head of communications. The management team is responsible for developing the fund’s overall strategy, brand and communication, as well as handling budget and performance issues and personnel issues.

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Staffan VD på AP3 i kostym i ett kontorslandskap


Staffan Hansén

Jonas Thulin CIO AP3

CIO, Chief Investment Officer

Jonas Thulin

Porträtt av Eva Boric, CFO, Chief Financial Officer och CRO, Chief Risk Officer

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer (CFO and CRO)

Eva Boric

Porträtt av Lil Larås Lindgren, Kommunikationschef

Head of Communications

Lil Larås Lindgren

Porträtt av Zorica Bodiroza, Personalchef

Head of Human Resources

Zorica Bodiroza

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The AP3 board of directors has nine members, all appointed by the government. The Chairman of the Third AP Fund is Christina Lindenius.
Medarbetare på AP3 som jobbar vid en skärm

Kostnadseffektiv förvaltning

Responsible management that delivers high-cost effectiveness and stability over time is key for AP3. Cost efficiency is always in the spotlight and the Fund carefully monitors expenditures in multiple ways.
Kostnadseffektiv förvaltning
AP3 Entré med logotyp och dörr

Vårt uppdrag

AP3’s mission is to generate maximum possible benefit for the current and future pensioners through responsible investment and management of the pension system buffer.
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