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Our mission

AP3’s mission is to generate maximum possible benefit for the current and future pensioners through responsible investment and management of the pension system buffer.

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AP3 contribute to the stability of the income pension system

As a manager of the Swedish public’s pension assets, AP3 works diligently with its portfolio to ensure pension disbursements, and we have achieved our 3.5% annual return target since our inception in 2001. AP3 is one of five funds tasked with helping protect the Swedish public pension system for current and future pensioners through responsible investment and management of the pension buffer.

AP3’s overarching mission is to manage the fund capital in the best interests of the income pension system by generating high returns at low risk. This allows the Fund to live up to its two core roles in the pension system: to serve as a buffer in the event of an imbalance in inflows and outflows in the system, and to help create stability in the pension system.

Asset management that makes a difference

For AP3, it is important to create long-term value both in the choice of investments and in the management of the companies in our portfolio. We have an extensive sustainability responsibility that is well integrated into our investment operations. Our sustainability responsibility involves both active corporate governance and a responsible approach to both environmental and social issues.

AP3 manages a globally diversified portfolio consisting of listed shares, interest-bearing assets and alternative investments such as unlisted shares, properties, forests and infrastructure.

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Total return after expenses 12/31/2023.

AP3 in short

  • AP3 is tasked by Parliament with generating maximum possible benefit for the state pension system by managing its fund capital responsibly and delivering strong investment returns at a low level of risk.

  • Our mission includes promoting sustainable development through responsible ownership and investment.

  • Staffan Hansén is the CEO of AP3 and the Chairman of the board is Christina Lindenius.

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The AP3 board of directors has nine members, all appointed by the government. The Chairman of the Third AP Fund is Christina Lindenius.
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Responsible management that delivers high-cost effectiveness and stability over time is key for AP3. Cost efficiency is always in the spotlight and the Fund carefully monitors expenditures in multiple ways.
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The management team is responsible for developing the fund’s overall strategy, brand and communication, as well as handling budget and performance issues and personnel issues.