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Organisation and Executive management

The majority of AP3 employees work in asset management and business support, covering areas such as analysis, asset management, risk management and administration related to a global and diversified asset management operation. AP3 is a knowledge-intensive organisation. The combined expertise and experience of the employees is critical to the Fund’s performance.

Responsibility and structure

The executive management committee consists of the CEO; the Chief Investment Officer (CIO); the CFO/CRO, who is Head of Business Support and Control; the Head of HR and the Head of Communications. Executive management is responsible for driving forward AP3’s strategy, as well as for budget and financial performance, the AP3 brand, communications and human resources. More information about the executive management committee.


  • The Chief Investment Officer (CIO) is responsible for managing the risk in the overall portfolio composition and is also head of asset management. Asset management, which is responsible for the ongoing management of the portfolio and is organized into four units: CIO office, listed equities, Fixed income investments and currencies and alternative investments. Overall investment decisions regarding allocation within the mandates established by the board are made in the fund’s dynamic allocation group. Questions about overall risk management are dealt with in the fund’s risk committee.
  • Business support and control is led by the fund’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Risk Officer (CRO). Business support and control is organized into units: back office, risk and return analysis, finance and reporting, IT and legal and compliance. The CFO is responsible for follow-up and reporting regarding risk and return to the board.
  • The HR function is led by the head of HR, who is responsible for processes, routines, strategies and tools in personnel matters. HR supports the managers in competence provision, leadership development, recruitment, labor law, union negotiations, rehabilitation, policies, salary mapping as well as insurance and pensions for employees.
  • Communications, both internal and external, is led by the Head of Communication.
  • Administration and office services, led by the Executive Assistant, runs the overall fund administration as well as service in the office.
  • AP3 also has an extended management team consisting of all the fund’s managers. The group’s task is to coordinate projects and exchange information and experiences.

Here you will find a closer presentation of AP3’s executive management.

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